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A safe, warm room on the ground floor at Healthworks Forres. Access is wheelchair friendly (it is not super easy but works fine).

We will work via an end-to-end encrypted platform called Therapy Lock, and you will receive your Therapy Lock link prior to the session so you can have your session in the comfort of your own home. 1 in 5 people in Scotland live in more rural areas, so this is an excellent choice. Also perfect for clients in the UK or Worldwide, including the US and Canada. 


Sometimes it is easier to not be seen, or perhaps online is not comfortable for you. If so, no problem, telephone sessions might be best for you. We can also do this via Therapy Lock, so you can see me, but have your camera switched off. Perfect for clients within the UK. 

A therapy session with the added influence and benefit of the elements. A safe pre-agreed route will be selected according to your needs, that can include seated time and space to explore whatever is pressing for you as well as time to slow down and enjoy nature. We may use elements of nature creatively to facilitate your process. Please note that we will have our first session indoors.

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