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Counselling/Psychotherapy and Nature Therapy Sessions


£45 for a 60 minute session (in person, online, phone, outside*)

Please note for the initial session, 5-10 minutes will be taken up reading through and signing a contract. This is a necessary part of our therapeutic connection. You will also be sent a registration form, which will need to completed before any session can be booked.

If you wish for an in person session at Healthworks, you can apply for a bursary. Please ask me for details.

*If we have an outside session local to Forres, this will not incur an extra fuel cost. If outside of Forres a fair fuel charge will be added.

Outwith the UK - London, Worldwide, US, Canada

£55 for a 60 minute session. For international clients the extra £10 is because of extra admin I need to do for insurance purposes. 

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