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What is counselling/psychotherapy?

The words 'counselling' and 'psychotherapy' are more or less synonymous. Life can be tough. There is no getting away from it. Sometimes it can be difficult to make sense of ourselves, the life we are leading and experiences we may have had or are having. Having somebody to speak to that can listen impartially without judgement can be a lifeline, especially when our nearest and dearest might want to override our feelings by offering advice and 'solutions'. Therefore, I  provide a service that is a confidential, non- judgemental space for you to talk about life events, dilemmas, relationships, feelings, thoughts and patterns of behaviour with a warm, understanding trained professional. I will be genuinely curious about what your meanings are for how you see yourself, and the world. I will steadfastly hold the vision that you can thrive - not just survive - in your own unique way. 

           What type of counselling/psychotherapy is offered?

I offer person-centred, integrative talking therapy with a compassion-focused emphasis. This means YOU are at the centre of the therapy, and I will take your lead; we will move forward only at your pace. At no point will you be asked to share anything you don't want to share.

The service I provide is not about managing symptoms and providing strategies for a 'quick fix'.  However, if that is what you feel you need, we can consider this collaboratively, and I will support any signposting to different sources of support. 

This is because the bottom line is that YOU are the expert of your life, and I pledge to support your empowerment. I am in the privileged position of walking alongside you, being a warm support and a reflection of what you are and may choose to be. 'Compassion focused' means I will emphasise self-compassion. If you feel to we can explore ways to creatively engage with the different voices within and parts of yourself. This creative engagement builds a healthy relationship with all aspects of yourself, and thus builds precious self-compassion. Integrative means I will bring in some of the different elements I have been trained in if they resonate with you. 

  What are the benefits of counselling?

The client-counsellor relationship that operates within firm professional boundaries is beneficial. This is now proven by strong research. Through depth and trust in relating, integration of unresolved life experience may occur. We are social animals that need to be heard, cared for and understood. Generally, if this need is not met, problems can occur. Counselling can begin to meet that need. Talking in this way, which also focuses on what is happening in the body (feelings, sensations, emotions) can help us question our existing internal narratives, bringing understanding and compassion to our felt experience and so create fresh narratives, which in turn can support us to feel differently.

Overall, you main gain fresh insight, self awareness, understanding, empowerment, agency. You may also find yourself free from long-held unhelpful behaviours and ways of thinking. 

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