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What is Forest Bathing?

Forest Bathing is a beautiful mindfulness based practice that originated in Japan, also known as Shinrin Yoku. It involves opening ones senses to the natural world, in this case particularly woodlands and forests, and immersing deeply with them.


The research about the benefits of Forest Bathing is varied, in-depth and eye opening. The cream of this research so far makes clear that Forest Bathing can:


  • reduce stress, depression, anxiety and anger, improving overall mood

  • reduce fatigue

  • improve sleep quality

  • improve focus, concentration & memory

  • improve energy levels

  • reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate

  • increase NK cells, that are key to supporting our immune systems and thus health

  • improve creative problem-solving

  • improve recovery from illness

What better way to nourish our stretched nervous systems! The perfect antidote to the intensity of modern life (work, stress, isolation, constant screen use, traffic, cost of living pressure, climate emergency and biodiversity crisis). Mindfully, intentionally, connecting to nature in this way helps us reconnect to a deeper, more ancient animal part of us. It may remind us of states of being long forgotten, or help freshen our inner territory with something new and unexpected. Fun and playfulness are rediscovered. From my experience of connecting in this way and connecting to others who do the same, there is one thing we all agree on: this practice, and others like it, help us come home to ourselves. This creates a strength and resilience that is not easily shaken when the tough winds of life blow. 

I offer group Forest Bathing sessions (see Upcoming Events) and also 1:1 Forest Bathing sessions. The 1:1 sessions are a specially tailored opportunity to deepen your nature connection and find new meaning in this connection. I also can curate group Forest Bathing sessions for families and special events whether for a business or a special celebration. Do get in touch with any enquiries:

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